Services and Fees

We Execute Investment Management and Advanced Portfolio Strategies For A Flat Fee

We are active portfolio managers

Not all financial professionals are alike, most purchase a mutual fund for clients and never look at the portfolio again. We are different because we analyse your portfolio on a daily basis and make the proper buy or sell decision. We purchase individual stocks, index ETFs, option and fixed income securities to increase returns and decrease portfolio risk.

We are fee based, never charging commission

While others charge large commissions to buy and sell stocks in your portfolio, we never charge commission.

We charge a flat fee of 1% based on the investment portfolio value. We stand to benefit when the client assets gain in value, so you can rest assured our interest is aligned with yours.

Why switch from my current advisor?

We beat your current advisor on a fee and service basis. Most advisors charge commissions. These fees can be as high as 5.25% per buy or sell.

We never purchase mutual funds for our clients, and always find the lowest cost and best performing investment securities. We are truly looking out for your best interest and helping you achieve your financial goals.


Tailored Portfolio

Everyone is not created equal and your portfolio should be tailored to your investment and risk needs. We create an investment allocation that meets your financial objectives and reduces amount of risk taken to acheive them.

We use options to protect your portfolio

We integrate put options into your investment portfolio because it protects the value should the market fall, while also allowing you to participate in the market should it continue rising. Most financial professionals do not incorporate these securities into client portfolios because they are complicated to understand; however, we are experts at these securities and believe this strategy allows clients reduce risk, while increasing returns.

Experts At Investments

We manage most types of investment accounts. We are experts at 401k, IRA, Roth and Self Managed Accounts. If a client has a 401k plan, we can manage the investments by establishing a Self Directed Account, which gives you more flexibility in investment choices.

Best Brokerage Service For Our Clients

We have an established relationship with Interactive Brokers because they offer the best in class brokerage services for our clients. We find Interactive Brokers beats all others on an expense basis and allows our clients privileges to trade securities all around the world.

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