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Client Experience


Start With A Consultation

The investment consultation is the first meeting between our investment advisor and the prospective client. This is not a sales meeting and we aren’t trying to sell any product or our service. The meeting is no catch and no obligation. And the purpose of our meeting is to gather information and learn more about your financial situation. We can meet in person or virtually through a video conferencing.

After the initial consultation, we will meet briefly for a second time. We will present our investment plan and explain why specific investment guidance will help you meet your financial goals and is in your best interest.


Authorize The Management Agreement And Review Documents

The first steps for a new client is to authorize the Portfolio Management Agreement and review the Form ADV Part 2 Brochure disclosure documents. The Portfolio Management Agreement details the services that will be performed and what to expect as a new client. The Form ADV Part 2 Brochure provides disclosure for Copper Canyon LLC and our investment advisors. It details our business practices and a brief overview of the firm. The next step in the process is to open a brokerage account and get it funded.


Open An Interactive Brokers Account

The next step is to open an Interactive Brokers account through our special invitation portal. The invitation portal links your new account to our professional advisory account and it allows us to enact our specialized management service. 


What To Expect As A New Client

As we begin management in your account, you should expect to receive communications on a frequent basis detailing what securities we are buying and selling. We also detail what payments are accepted and how we align your portfolio to your needs.

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