It’s a New Year and that means it’s time for a new financial you! In this video we talk with Amelia “Mills” Bender from Mills Knows Bills about how to get on the right financial path in 2021. She details some factors to consider when creating a budget and common pitfalls to avoid overspending. She also details the motivating factor behind starting her business and why she chose to pursue career in personal financial coaching.

Amelia works with individuals from all different income and educational backgrounds. She teaches people to become more financially literate and make sound financial decisions with their monthly budgets.

Disclosure Paul Clay and Amelia Mills do not have a business relationship. Neither one receives any financial incentive for making this video content and all ideas shared are for educational and informational purposes.

Investment Risks There are risks associated with investing in securities. Investing in stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, options and money market funds involve risk of loss. Loss of principal is possible. Some high risk investments may use leverage, which will accentuate gains & losses. Foreign investing involves special risks, including a greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods. A security’s or a firm’s past investment performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance.

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