We review the Lockheed Martin 401k Plan that is administered by Empower Retirement and we discuss the different investment options such as the Target Date Funds, S&P 500 Indexed fund and other funds that are available to participants.

We touch base on different factors that can influence whether you will reach your retirement/financial goals and things to think about from an expense perspective. We also mention the “SDBA” Self Directed Brokerage Account plan option and how participants can utilize this to invest in individual stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds.

WE ARE NOT AFFILATED WITH LOCKHEED MARTIN OR EMPOWER RETIREMENT. Copper Canyon LLC is a state of Florida Registered Investment Advisor. We are regulated by the office of financial regulation in Florida. CRD#286061

ALL INVESTMENTS INVOLVE RISKS. You should speak to a financial professional to find what is appropriate for your portfolio.

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