The performance of large tech continues to widen. The NASDAQ 100 QQQ and IWM Russell 2000 ETF diverged back in April and the Russell 2000 ETF is down 5.51% YTD, while the NASDAQ 100 is up 37%.

Valuations are beyond questionable. Tesla is trading to 10 times sales. GM and Ford stocks are worth nearly 90% less in market capitalization, while they have 6 times the sales of Tesla.

Big technology stocks have proven their businesses models can survive economic shock and their shareholders have been rewarded as a result.
Momentum continues to favor the bulls, the broad market has made a parabolic move. A lot of this is driven by fear of missing out “FOMO” and professional money managers playing catch up to their bench marks. It’s extremely frothy and difficult to gauge when this buying will subside. One thing we noticed is the VIX index close to breaking back below $20, which would indicate options premiums are becoming normally priced to historical levels.

The best way to play the equity market is any long stock you hold, make sure you put trailing stop orders so you can capture additional upside, while letting the sell order get pulled higher with the share price. A great saying to keep in mind is “stocks take the stairs up and the elevator down.” We might be on the last step, or only half way up…


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