The investment consultation is the first meeting between our investment advisor and the prospective client. This is not a sales meeting and we aren’t trying to sell you any product or our service. The meeting is complementary, no catch and no obligation. And the purpose of our meeting is to gather information and learn more about your financial situation. We can meet in person or virtually through a video conferencing. Our guidance is fiduciary and geared toward your best interests. The meeting lasts about 30 minutes and we will gather information about your current investment portfolio, identify what types of accounts you have and what your life goals are. The most important part of the process is providing detailed information about investment accounts, 401k plans, IRA or Roth accounts you may hold and your overall financial situation. Our consultation process identifies your financial goals, your risk tolerance and your retirement needs. After the initial consultation, we will meet briefly for a second time. We will present our investment plan and explain why specific investment guidance will help you meet your financial goals and is in your best interest. Our expectations during this process is if you are impressed by our investment consultation and recommendations, you will give strong consideration to allow us to help you execute your recommended investment strategy.

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