My grandfather was my role model because he was extremely intelligent and a hard worker. He attended the Nuremberg trails during his service in Europe and watched the defendants be convicted because they didn’t have the best legal representation. This propelled him to pursue a career in law. When he returned from Europe, he enrolled at the University of Buffalo, and put himself through school by working a security job at night and attending classes in the day. He graduated top of his class and worked as a lawyer in Buffalo, New York until he passed in 2011. My grandfather never invested in the stock market throughout his life… His upbringing during the great depression stuck with him for better or worst. He always spent money as soon as he won a case, never investing for the future. He believed cash would only be worth as much as it was any given day. This belief was instilled during his childhood. My point being, I understand many folks are struggling right now. The job environment is similar to the Great Depression, no one is hiring and many continue to lose jobs. Yet, things will normalize and don’t let the memory of this painful time prevent you from investing in your financial future. Do the best you can and adapt under these under these circumstances.

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