Expect extreme market movements to remain as investors wait for the Coronavirus pandemic to peak. The US economy is effectively closed and investors are awaiting any guidance from the Trump Administration as to when business will resume as usual. Trump floated the idea the US economy could gradually resume after Easter and it will be determined by the severity of the health crisis. It’s a tough decision to make because you either need to have a complete shut down of the US economy to achieve “full containment” or allow the spread to slow so the medical facilities don’t reach capacity and we can treat the sick. It’s tough to say how long this will last, but the US economy can’t hold on for much longer. The US consumer has been a driver of growth and the Covid 19 pandemic is reshaping consumer preferences in such a way, that many industries will never fully recover from this. You can give consumers all the money in the world, but if they don’t want to spend it, then there is a core problem that isn’t being solved.

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