The stock market is approaching bear market territory and individual equities are getting sold really hard. The Russell 2000 was down near 10%, I repeat near 10% in one day! Anything oil related has been destroyed by OPEC’s failure to negotiate output with Russia, while the Kremlin is vying to destroy the entire US shale industry. Crude was down 20% today and Financial stocks you should just forget about. With interest rates moving so violently to 0% or even negative, profitability and margins will contract significantly. Banks were lit on fire and are trading at extremely low valuations. Maybe this is the new normal and an adjustment to coronavirus impacts… Not to mention, the FED can’t save the day with additional rate cuts… The FED is becoming less effective by the day and lowering rates can’t drive consumers to spend money. Hopefully this crash doesn’t last long, there is no positive outcome to a prolonged decline.

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