We are a Boutique Investment Firm

We provide tailored investment management services to each and every client. We put our clients above all else. What is important to you is important to us.

We access client portfolios on regular basis and we manage overall risk to investment portfolios by actively buying and selling individual stocks, ETFs and other securities. Our active management strategy helps clients align their investment objectives with an appropriate level of risk.

How are we different from other finance professionals?

Fiduciary ~ To serve the client interests above everything else. We are held to a higher standard called “Fiduciary”, which means we put client interests ahead of our own. It is the highest legal and ethical standard under US law, meaning we are legally bound to look out for the client’s best interests.

Other investment professionals and brokers are held to a different standard called “suitability”. The suitability standard can sometimes conflict with a client’s best interest because this type of financial professional may sell investment products and receive compensation as a result. Fiduciary Financial Advisors never sell clients an investment product, rather they give advice on a fee basis. This means a fiduciary advisor can recommend whichever investment product that best meets their clients best interest.

Other advisors are not legally bound to follow the fiduciary rule. They can follow the suitability rule. Suitability is a lower set of legal standards established to make sure financial advisors are offering securities that are “suitable” for their clients. Financial advice that fits the suitability standard may not provide the client with complete transparency about the investment product being offered and how these professionals are compensated. In the financial services industry, broker dealers can recommend clients purchase an in-house mutual fund which could charge a load fee or commission. An in-house mutual fund is owned and created by the firm that employs the financial professional recommending it. This scenario could cause a conflict of interest and an advisor working under the suitability standard does not have the same level of disclosure that a fiduciary financial advisor does.

Our firm is different. We follow a fee-only business model. This means we never accept commission and we always look for the strategy or investment that is in our clients best interest. The fee-only model aligns our interests with client interests because when the client makes portfolio profits, our flat fee increases proportionally. The client portfolio performance and financial success is our top priority and we are always looking out for our clients.

Independent Custodian For Our Clients

Clients can choose their own brokerage service and we never hold client funds with our firm. We have an established relationship with Interactive Brokers where our firm maintains a professional financial advisor account. When a new client joins our firm, the first step is to choose a brokerage service or open an Interactive Brokers Brokerage Account with a specialized link. This new account is then linked to our independent professional advisor account; whereby, our investment advisor gains access through our professional advisor account to enact our specialized management strategies in the client’s independent brokerage account.

Clients can access their investment account through Interactive Brokers’ website or download the IBKR app for phone or tablet. The app allows clients to see their funds be invested in real time. When the financial advisor enacts transactions within the client account, the client can see.

Another feature of Interactive Brokers is the ability for clients to pay financial advisory fees directly from their brokerage account. The direct fee deduction feature allows for convenience and transparency.

Our Firm

Dylan Quintilone founded the firm in October 2016 and began offering financial services in early 2017. Our firm is a Fiduciary Fee-Only Investment Advisory, meaning we never accept commission and always work in our client’s best interest. 

Dylan Quintilone

Dylan Quintilone

Investment Advisor Representative & Founder

Mr. Quintilone is the firm owner and investment manager.

More information can be found about Dylan’s professional background by visiting https://brokercheck.finra.org/ and typing CRD#6732024 into the search box.

Paul Clay

Paul Clay

Investment Advisor Representative

Mr. Clay is an Investment Advisor for Copper Canyon LLC.

More information about Paul’s professional background can be found by visiting https://brokercheck.finra.org/ and typing CRD#7145606 into the search box.

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Copper Canyon LLC is a State of Florida Registered Investment Advisor. More information can be found about our firm by visiting https://brokercheck.finra.org/ and typing Copper Canyon LLC into the search box. All information detailed should not be interpreted as investment advice and you should do your own research before making an investment decision. CRD# 286061

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